Children’s Program

Berkeley Cuong Nhu Karate is a Great Place for Kids!

Kids love Cuong Nhu because it’s energetic and fun.
We love teaching kids, for the same reasons!

We also love seeing them learn and grow as they—

  • Build confidence and self-esteem through mastery of physical skills.
  • Develop social skills by making new friends and learning teamwork.
  • Improve their coordination, balance, attention and self-discipline.
  • Start a lifelong habit of fitness and health through exercise.
  • Gain the skill and composure to protect themselves in threatening situations.
  • Did we mention how much fun it is?

We offer classes for all ages, and even Parents’ Class to get the whole family involved.

Beginning Kids

New students age 6 & up get the care and attention they need to feel comfortable joining our fun group classes. We have many class times to choose from. Let us send you a customized schedule that will meet your family’s needs.

Tiger Team

Tiger Team is for kids age 4 & 5. Our youngest students learn about traditional martial arts values—like non-violence, respect, cooperation, and helping others—while practicing fun, safe, age-appropriate skills.

Older Kids

Older kids—age 10 & up may be eligible to attend Teen Class. It’s important to come in, meet the instructors, try a class, and find out what’s best for your child.


Martial arts isn’t just for kids!

In fact, it’s a great activity for the whole family. That’s why we offer Parents’ Classes and Family Class, as well as dedicated training for adults.

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