Family Program

Three Great Ways for Families to Train Together!

Parents: Don’t be bench-warmers! Why sit on the sidelines while your kids are getting exercise, having fun, and learning valuable skills? You, too, can gain all those benefits and more.

1. Kids’ Class/Parents’ Class: Parallel scheduling lets you train with other adults at the same time your children are in class-and enjoy practicing together at home.

2. Family Class lets the whole family to work out together, learn from each other, and share an activity that changes lives. Meet other families who share your interest, too!

3. Adult Class/Kids’ Class: Parents are always welcome in regular adult class. Train with your peers at your own pace; let your children train with other kids their age; and share the values of dedication, discipline and striving for excellence when you practice together at home.

We’d like to make fun, fitness, personal growth and personal safety a regular part of your family life. We can create a schedule that works for you, and help you get started today.


More than twenty years ago, our kids’ class was thriving, and we noticed something: There were parents sitting on the sidelines day after day watching class. Why shouldn’t they get some exercise, too? – we wondered. Maybe they’d like to get in shape, stay in shape, or learn some self-defense, while their children are in class.

Some of these parents were watching the kids very closely, and even trying to coach from the sidelines (something they just shouldn’t do in a martial arts dojo!). So we thought, maybe they should have a chance to get on the floor and really learn the moves. Then they’ll be able to practice correctly together at home.

That’s how “Parents’ Class” came to be. The first group of parents grew into a dedicated bunch of serious martial artists. Some of them earned black belts and became instructors in the dojo! Today we offer Parents’ Class three days a week, along with Family Class, where everyone can train together.

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