WCTC schedule now online

The “late registration” phase has begun – but it’s not too late to get on board with West Coast Training Camp. We’ve got outstanding instructors and excellent classes lined up. The children’s schedule looks more fun than ever, and adults will have great choices as well. Check out (and download) the schedule here:

WCTC2014 Schedule

Only four more days till the instructors begin to arrive in town, flying in from Florida, Tennessee, and Washington state. We’ll also be welcoming participants from Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta, and even Phoenixville, PA. They’re willing to fly cross-country to take part. Are you willing to drive across town?

If you’re still undecided, or have questions about the event, the cost, the classes or anything else, please speak to your instructor. We want you to participate. Let us help you get there!

P.S. for local participants: If you’re coming on Friday evening, please bring a broom! Yes, an ordinary broom – for Master Mike Ponzio’s “Broom Self Defense” class. If you don’t plan to take the class, please lend yours to an out-of-town participant. (Make sure to mark it with your name.) Thanks!