Special Class & Black Belt Test This Weekend!

Master Allen Hoss 6th Degree black belt Head instructor from Atlanta, Ga will be coming to our dojo this weekend to give a black belt test to our long time student, Estrella Silva.  The test will be this Saturday October 17th at 9 am.  Followed by (hopefully) a celebration lunch.  Please join us Saturday to support Estrella and see some great Martial Arts action – board breaking, kata, weapon, self-defense demo, sparring and more!

The Tiger Team class will meet as scheduled but all other Saturday classes will be canceled.

Any kids that show up to watch all or part of the test will get attendance credit.

Master Allen will also be teaching a special class for adults, teens, and green belt kids on Friday October 16th from 6 to 8 pm.  There is no charge for this class, so all should attend.

Friday 4 pm class will be canceled – go to class at 6 pm.  Five pm class for kids will meet as usual.