Happy New Year!!!!

Happy 2016!!

Some updates for the new year:

Wednesday/Friday Noon Class for Adults seeks new members. Noon Class has been ongoing for some time, though it hasn’t been listed on the schedule.  It’s open to all levels, including brand new beginners.  Mid-day is a great time to get a workout, and a great time for a mom or dad to try a karate class.  Why not make this a part of your 2016 fitness goals?

A special drop-in class is offered Fridays at 6pm.  One of our dojo parents, who took part in West Coast Training Camp and wanted to extend the experience, requested and organized a special class for adults to focus on defense against knife and gun, immobilization techniques, and related topics.  This class is open to students, parents, and friends – including beginners – on a drop-in basis (no uniform required).  The fee is $25 per class.

Summer Camp planning starts soon!  Our karate summer camps are a lot of fun, very popular, and sometimes full – so watch for the date announcement (coming soon).  Summer Camp is open to students, siblings, and friends, age 6 years and up.  We have one camp after school is out in June, one in July, and one in August.  In addition, we will schedule an advanced camp for brown belts or brown stripes and above (based on demand), and/or an additional all-level camp, if ten or more students request it.