Kata Tournament FAQs – and a Special Mystery Prize!

We’ve been working out the logistics for our first-ever Kata Tournament by Video – and what a fun challenge it has been! Now it’s all set to go, and all we need are your entries.

If you’ve already registered, kudos to you! You should already have received your final “technical details.”

For those who haven’t registered, we’ve had some questions coming in, so we thought we’d answer them for all to see.

  1. Do I need to have my video ready before I can register?  No, you can and should register right away. We need to know who’s taking part, so we can group the competitors, assign the judges, and get the right number of awards! But you still have time to put the finishing touches on your performance. Register now, and upload anytime between now and the deadline (Sunday at midnight).
  2. How do I upload to Rohai Dojo’s Youtube Channel? You don’t! You must upload to your own Youtube account. After you’ve uploaded your video to your own account (or channel)-and remember to set its visibility as “private”-you will follow instructions to add your video to one of Rohai Dojo’s tournament playlists. (If you have never uploaded a video to Youtube before, and you can’t find some good instructions online, let us know so we can help.)
  3. Where are the instructions for adding my video to the tournament playlist? You will receive those instructions after you register, based on which kata division(s) you are entering.
  4. For Family Team Kata – does each family member have to register separately? No; just make sure one family member registers for that event. Then as many family members as you wish may take part. And remember, even non-karate-student family members can compete along with you (but you’ll have to teach them their moves!).
  5. What does “Open Kata” mean, again? That’s a division for an original kata you make up yourself, using your best karate moves and skills.
  6. Then, what is the “Special Creative Open” category? That is a special division – just for fun – to highlight the challenges of practicing kata under “shelter in place” orders. Are you training in a small space? Are there objects and furniture in your way? Design an original kata that makes imaginative use of those obstacles. We want to see your creativity! And, the winner in this category will win a Special Mystery Prize!
  7. Remind me-where do I go to register? Click right here:   Rohai Dojo’s 24th Annual/1st Online Kata Tournament

If you have any other questions, email us. And you can always review the basic information about the tournament in these previous posts:

        The Tournament is On!(Line!)

        More Details on the Kata Tournament

We look forward to your entries; register now. Let’s come together in this fun way, to build something positive from a difficult situation!

And remember what we said in our very first announcement: If the entry fee is too much for you at this time, contact us. We don’t want the cost to keep anyone from participating.

See you in the (virtual) dojo!