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Summer Camps are Scheduled!

We’ve scheduled two martial arts summer camps this year – one for all ranks and ages (6 & up), and one especially for teens – with the possibility of a third if there’s sufficient interest. As always, we’ll be offering a week-long experience of in-depth training, camaraderie, fun and challenge. Camp meets from 9am to … Continue reading

Get ready for Summer Camp 2021!

It’s time to start planning for summer and sign up for 2021Summer Camps – and we have some exciting new changes! This year, each session will have a different theme, giving focus to our main activities for that week. As always, Summer Camp students will have a chance to immerse themselves in the techniques, history, … Continue reading

Is “Ranking Up” Summer Camp a Bad Idea?

Recently I was talking to the kids in class about our upcoming themed summer camps. I said there would be Rank Camp (we’re actually calling it “Ranking Up”), and explained they’d be able to attend this camp, work hard at the required techniques for their next stripe or belt, and get promoted at the end … Continue reading