Are you ready for Summer Camp 2020?

It’s time to start planning for summer and sign up for 2020 Summer Camps – and we have some exciting new changes!

This year, each session will have a different theme, giving focus to our main activities for that week.

As always, Summer Camp students will have a chance to immerse themselves in the techniques, history, philosophy and practice of traditional martial arts. Our week-long sessions for kids and teens run from 9 am to 4 pm, with opportunities for one-on-one instruction and special topics; reading and videos; “swim day” mid-week; a martial-arts-related art or craft project guaranteed fun for all ages; outdoor time and more. Students wishing to stay past 4 pm are welcome in the regular 4 pm class.

There are three sessions to choose from, with the chance of another “pop-up” if there is sufficient interest. A fourth session is offered for teens and advanced students only.

Summer Camps are open to all current and former Cuong Nhu students (any dojo), as well as their family and friends, including those who haven’t trained before. Sessions 1 to 3 are open to ages 6 and above. Teens are welcome in these sessions as well, and will have separate activities and leadership opportunities where appropriate. For more details, including costs and how to register or reserve your space, click on any of the camp titles below.

Session 1: June 15-19, 2020 – WEAPONS: Students will learn about the history and practice of traditional martial arts weapons, try out and train with a variety of weapons, choose a “specialty,” and make a practice weapon they can keep.

Session 2: July 20-24, 2020 – RANKING UP: Students will focus on the curriculum they must master to achieve their next belt rank, and will have the opportunity to be promoted at the end of camp if agreed-upon goals are met. (Any student who loves training will enjoy this camp – regardless of ranking up!) Ranking Up camp requires permission of the instructors and a pre-camp conference to set expectations, so register early!

Session 3: August 3-7, 2020 – MATWORK EXTRAVAGANZA: Summer camp has always included matwork, but this camp puts it at the center of training. Students who aren’t yet comfortable with matwork will come out loving it, and those who already love it will double their skills! Everyone will learn safe techniques for rolling, falling, throwing and being thrown; techniques for self-defense that are both fun and serious; a variety of Cuong Nhu throwing and pinning techniques; plus tricks to give karate demonstrations extra flash.

Advanced/Teen Camp: June 22-26, 2020: This group will choose its own theme, and will pursue a combination of rank-level training, advanced techniques, and special training opportunities only offered at summer camp. It’s open to teen students of any rank, as well as younger students age 10-12 who are ranked Blue Belt or higher, and are ready and willing to train at a high pace.

There is 10 student minimum per session. We reserve the right to cancel a session not reaching the minimum.

Reserve your space now with a down payment (or if you prefer, pay in full!). You may reserve and pay online, or see Christie in the office to take care of it in person. We look forward to your participation! And here are those registration links again:

Click here to reserve your spot at Summer Camp #1.

Click here for Summer Camp #2

and here for Summer Camp #3.

Reserve or register for Advanced/Teen Camp by clicking here.