Get Ready for Rohai Dojo’s 24th Annual Kata Tournament!

UPDATE: Our kata has moved online, with only a brief postponement. Check here for the latest!

Rohai Dojo’s 24th annual Kata Tournament is fast approaching – Saturday April 18, 2020

Starts at 10 a.m.  Doors open at 9 a.m.

This exciting event is open to all students age 6 and up who have learned at least one form. It is a great way to challenge yourself while building confidence. Divisions are by age and rank so you will be competing with your peers but, ultimately, the real competition is with yourself.

You may choose to do one of many separate kata (forms) divisions for empty hand, weapons, open kata*, team kata**, and parent/child team kata. Talk to your instructor if you are not sure which one to do. Don’t let a little doubt keep you from this fun opportunity!

Glory could be yours – trophies awarded to top three winners in each division!

*Open kata is for creative kata presentation, including kata to music, or an original kata of your own creation. (Though this hasn’t been done in the past few years, we would love to see our students creativity! Let us know if you would like ideas on how to create a memorable kata performance.)

**Team kata is 2 or 3 participants performing kata together or with applications. (A great and fun way to develop better timing and spacial awareness in your training.)

Online registration is up and running; just click this link:

Online Registration

We’d also be happy to sign you up in person in the office. And please remember to register by April 10th to avoid the late fee!